1943 art
Original and print of hand painted art work
A Basket Case
Beautiful hand woven baskets, hand dyed painted items, fabrics, flags, watercolor/coffee paintings

Contact info: sharonsbasketry@gmail.com
Averi Naturals
skincare products, baby products, handmade bike tire tube earrings and bracelets, handmade flies for fishing

Contact info: linge@averinaturals.com
BeeHaven Farm
Beautiful locally grown and thoughtfully crafted bouquets

Contact info: beehavenflowers@gmail.com
Bills Garden
Plants, vegetables, fruits, gourds
Brenda Brodmerkle
Fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, salves, tonics, lip balms, market bags
Cool Bike Baskets
Hand dyed and woven bike baskets and market baskets
CNC Tableworks
Hand crafted metal and wood decorative signs, metal garden stakes, metal and wood benches. Customization and durable!

Contact info: cnctableworks@gmail.com
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Bills Garden

Plants, vegetables, fruits, gourds

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